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  • ball
To juggle with balls
  • shuttlecock (sent forth and back by kicks)
  • demand
A balance between demand and supply
There is an excess of demand over supply; Demand overtakes supply
Buyer's market; Buyers' market
  • bridge
A bridge built across a river
The trade-unions are a bridge between the Party and the masses
'No overtaking on the bridge'
  • enlightening experience
such a heart-cutting pain is an enlightening experience one should go through to know
  • toilet; latrine
  • spherical
Spherical mirror
Spherical surface
Spherical triangle
  • to be eager for something; to court; to seek
To have a progress-seeking spirit; to be eager for progress
To sell one's country to seek honours
  • to pray
To pray to heaven and invoke Buddha
To pray for blessings
To pray for rain
I'm praying it won't rain on Sunday
      • To have one's wishes fulfilled; to have what one asked for
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