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danh từ
  • Water dropwort, water parsnip, celery (rau), cummin
  • Shaft, rod, role
a fishing-rod
rice alcohol (one drinks with the help of a tube)
  • Stem, tube
spirit in jar drunk through a stem (by some ethnic minorities)
a bubble-bubble with a long stem
  • Neck (of a violin..)
  • Vibrator (in a monocord instrument)
động từ
  • Need, must, to want
labour efficiency must be constantly raised
everyone needs help from the community
to translate into reality the slogan Youths are present wherever they are needed, wherever there are difficulties to cope with
to have to go on some business
to bring along the things needed
a book necessary to everyone
tính từ
  • be needed, urgent, pressing
an urgent letter which must be forwarded at once
  • Industrious, diligent; hard-working
industry, thrift, honesty, righteousness
  • important
  • it is necessary
when necessary
I don't give a damn!
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