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  • musical instrument; music
Music, Chess, Poetry, Painting (regarded as the four amusements or accomplishments of a feudal intellectual)
  • to hold; to take; to keep
The person holding the steering wheel; the driver
To hold the command of an army and fight aggressors; to command an army in the fight against aggressors
To hold hands
To hold something loosely
To keep a guest back for a few days
To be too moved to hold back one's tears; to be moved to tears
To be hardly able to hold back one's feeling of compassion
  • to stop; to retain
To give the wounded a shot to stop his bleeding
A medicine which stops diarrhea
  • to pawn; to pledge; to hock; to mortgage
To mortgage one's field to a landlord
To pawn one's suit of clothes for a few dong
  • to suppress; to keep back; to hold back
To suppress sobs
He clenched his teeth to hold back the rising tears
      • To be a judge
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