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  • to continue (to live, to exist..)
As long as imperialism continues, there is danger of war
Some are still living and some dead
His father is still alive; He's still got his father
  • to have....left
He has five francs left
How much milk is left?
What is left to do?
Are there any more cakes? - No, this is the lastI
  • to leave
What does 29 from 88 leave?
10 trừ 8 còn 2
Ten minus eight leaves two
  • yet; still
We've got ten minutes yet
Although it was late, he was still awake
He still has his old mother
  • again
Tomorrow, we shall come again
  • to remain; to stay
To stay awake
That remains to be seen
It remains to be seen whether he accepts it
  • even
Last year summer was even hotter than this year's
What could be better than ...; there's nothing like ...
It goes without saying!; It stands to reason!; Needless to say!
  • as for ...; but
He stays home, as for you, will you come ?
He is not agreeable, but what about her ?
Shine, we'll go but rain, we'll stay behind
  • while; whereas
I work from morning till night, while he plays cards all day long
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