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danh từ
  • Colt, filly, foal
the shadow of a foal flashing by a window; a fleeting thing; time flies
  • Dove
a white dove
  • Sentence
to build a sentence
to have hardly finished a sentence
to understand one sentence here one sentence there, to miss half of what one hears
  • Line, verse
a eight-verse poem
When departing, one leaves a 4-line poem behind, one of love, one of loneliness, one of waiting and one of expectation
  • Saying, saw
  • Hook
  • clause, expression, phrase, proposition
expressions; catchwords
  • pigeon
động từ
  • To fish, angle
to fish in a pond
a fishing-rod
to dap
to skitter
  • To draw
to draw customers
  • To lift
the crane was lifting crates of goods
  • To lob; volley (fire)
the guns lobbed home shells on the blockhouse
  • bribe, suborn; entice, allure, tempt
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