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danh từ
  • Scale, balance
to put (something) on a scale, to weigh (something)
a scale-beam
the scales of justice
  • Weight
to add (something) to increase the weight
to be light in weight
  • Catty ( 0,605kg)
  • Kilo
a kilo of sugar
động từ
  • To weigh
to weigh merchandise
to give short weight and measure
  • To make up (a prescription of galenical medicine)
  • To accept, to agree
to accept anything
tính từ
  • Balanced
the picture was hung without any sense of balance; the picture was hung askew
  • Isoceles
  • Equal
both sides' strength is equal; both sides are equal in strength
an unequal fight
  • Fair, impartial
How unfair Heaven is! There are those who have enough to spare, and there are those who rake in vain through their pockets
      • of equal talent; lock horns
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