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danh từ
  • way, manner, fashion, mode; method
manner of expressing oneself
directions for use
a deliberate way of walking, a deliberate carriage
to look for a way to deal with
the old learn their own way, the young theirs
  • (ngữ pháp) case
there are six cases in Russian
to break convention (and create a new genre..)
a convention-breaking poem
động từ
  • to be separated
The two houses are separated by a wall
  • to be distant, to be away
at ten minutes walking distance from here
a few years ago
Far from eye, not far from heart
  • (dùng hạn chế trong một số tổ hợp) to insulate
cotton and wool are insulating materials
porcelain and rubber are good insulators
  • remote; distant; far from
a month ago
  • relieve somebody of responsibility
reduce an officer to the ranks
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