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bao nhiêu  
[bao nhiêu]
  • how much; how many
How much does this micro-computer cost?; How much is this micro-computer?
How many marks did you get?
How much do you charge?; What are your fees?
How much does he weigh normally?; What's his normal weight?
  • how ...
How old are you?/What age are you? - I am two years senior to you/I am your senior by two years
How tall is she?; What height is she?; What's her height?
How deep is this swimming-pool?
I don't know how learned he is, but he speaks English wherever he goes
  • any amount; whatever amount
Any amount will do
"The people are like fish, we are like water. Whatever strength there is wholly depends on the people"
  • so much; so many
So much honour for the youth of the Ho Chi Minh era!
So many months and years, so many events
These bills indicate that you took so many meals and spent so much money during your trip
  • as much/many ... as one can
Eat as many bananas as you can
  • how ...!; what ...!
How sad it is!
What a lot of people were killed in that war!
  • many; much
I have written to him many times, but I have not received any answer from him
Though not much learned, he always aspires to become somebody
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