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  • appearance; look; carriage; gait; air
To recognize an acquaintance from the gait
To stir one's knee with a satisfied look
  • (mỉa mai) capability
Judging from his appearance, his capability is not great; he does not seem very capable
You are quite grown up, you don't look a child any more
  • set; series; pack; service; collection; assortment; battery
A set of bones; a skeleton
A set of three, a trio
A set of pyjamas; a suit of pyjamas
A set of hair-cutting instruments
To buy another piece to complete the suit
  • family
A font family
  • register
Register of births
Register of deaths
  • office; ministry; department
  • (yếu tố ghép sau trong danh từ chỉ tổ chức của một chính đảng, một đoàn thể chính trị) branch
A provincial Party branch
A district Vietminh branch
  • foot
To go on foot; to walk
To return on foot after waiting in vain for a bus
He had to wheel his bicycle, which had broken down
  • road
To leave one's boat and take the road
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