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  • made of ... ; out of ...
What is this toy gun made of ? - This toy gun is made of plastic
  • warrant; testimonial; evidence; proof
What is the warrant?
There are all the necessary testimonials
To produce something as proof
He cited several other cases in proof of his argument
  • certificate; licence; degree; diploma
University degree/diploma
Bachelor's degree; BA; BSc
Master's degree; MA; MSc
PhD degree; doctoral degree; doctorate
Teaching/nursing certificate
To confer a certificate of merit
  • flat; even; level
To level the ground; To rake the ground level
  • marked by the grave accent or unmarked
Rhymes with a grave or unmarked
  • equal; same; as...as
Is he as tall as you?
A taxi is not so big as a lorry; a taxi is not as big as a lorry
Does she have as many children as you?
I don't eat as much as him, because I am full up
A man as old as him; A man of his age
Equally big
To eat a cake equal in size to an orange
One dong is equal to ten hao
To be on an equal footing with one's mates
To be of unequalled strength
Without weeding, manuring is just lost labour
An experienced worker is worth three novices
  • at all costs
To finish reading at all costs
To be determined to fulfil the plan at all costs
  • by; in; by means of; with
Đi Matxcơva bằng máy bay
To go to Moscow by plane
To cut with a pair of scissors/by means of a pair of scissors
Distance is measured in miles/kilometres
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