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bảo đảm  
[bảo đảm]
  • to ensure; to guarantee
To guarantee somebody's safety
To ensure independence and territorial integrity to a nation
To ensure the fulfilment of the plan
To guarantee equal rights between nationalities
Adequate food and clothing are ensured
  • to see to ...
To see to the adequate supply of materials to the factory
  • to assume responsibility for ...
To assume responsibility for the upbringing of the children
Each labourer assumes responsibility for a cultivated hectare of land
  • to make sure (that) ...
Make sure the program runs well
  • to give one's word for ...; to be sure/cock-sure
I give my word for it
I'm sure he's Mai's husband
  • safe
A safe haven/shelter
A safe grassroots base in the enemy-occupied area
  • reliable
The weather is unreliable
  • guarantee; security
A sound line is a firm guarantee for the success of a revolution
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