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  • ice
Ice block
The river froze
  • strip; fillet; band
Newspaper band
To wear a mourning band
Three-band radio set
Middle-wavelength band
  • (từ gốc tiếng Pháp là Bande) tape
Recording tape; magnetic tape
To erase a tape
Adhesive tape
Inking ribbon; Typewriter ribbon
  • (từ gốc tiếng Pháp là Banque) xem nhà băng
  • banner
To put up banners and flags for a demonstration
  • (quân sự) (từ gốc tiếng Pháp là Bande) belt
To load cartridges into a belt
A machine-gun belt
  • (từ gốc tiếng Pháp là Bande) gang; group; band
A band/gang of robbers
To belong to somebody's gang; To side with somebody
  • (từ gốc tiếng Pháp là Bande) (y học) bandage; fillet; dressing
The bandage should be tightened
Why did he have/ wear a bandage on his right foot?, Why did he have his right foot in a bandage?
  • (từ gốc tiếng Pháp là Bander) to dress; to put a dressing on ...; to bandage; to put a plaster on ...
To bandage wounded soldiers
To dress/bandage a wound
  • to cut
To cut across the garden
To cut across and avoid running round
  • to cross
To ford springs and cross forests
To fearlessly cross a barrage of bombs and bullets to the rescue of one's mates
      • To go over rivers and mountains; to travel extensively
      • clean
The flood water swept clean off the house
He pushed the door clean open and rushed in
The waterfall rushed clean past
The fire wiped the petrol storage clean out
Clean straight like lined in pencil
To speak clean out (without reserve)
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