Trang chủ » Tra từ
  • level, plain, smooth
danh từ.
  • vase, pot, china decanter
a flower vase
a limepot
a china decanter
a teapot
  • vessel, container
communicating vessels
      • a new tout in an old horn
động từ
  • to declaim, to recite
to declaim a piece of prose
a recital of verses
  • to comment, to review, criticize, state the value (of), value
the review of a literary work
  • to assess by discussion, to discuss the merits of
to assess by discussion the yield of fields
to discuss the merits of model workers (farmers...)
  • to pacify
that scholar nurtured the ambition to run the country, and pacify the world
tính từ
  • peaceful, peaceable
to switch from war-time to peace-time
  • average, mean (loại xếp hạng trong học tập, thi cử)
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