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  • point; dot
There are ten points in that law.
On the picture there are many black dots.
Satuaration point
The shortest distance between two points is a straigth line
  • point; mark; grade
His mathematics paper got 5 marks
To give somebody/something marks out of ten
These are the papers marked out of 10
To have more points than somebody; To outpoint somebody
You get three points for a correct answer
  • count
The judge found him guilty on the first count, but cleared him of the second
  • to dot
The pear branch was dotted with a few white flowers.
To dot a painting with some pink strokes.
  • to chime; to sound; to strike
The bell chimed five o'clock
The tomtom in the watch-post sounded five beats.
The clock struck four
  • to review
She gave us a brief review of the situation
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