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đến đâu  
[đến đâu]
  • wherever one goes
She receives a warm welcome wherever she goes; She is a welcome guest everywhere
I follow you wherever you go
  • how far
Where are you in my novel?; How far are you in my novel?
How far have you got with your work?; Where are you in your work?; How is your work progressing?
Where was I?
  • how
I don't know how wise he is, but he sauces his mother very much
  • whatever
What a sharp-witted boy! He immediately understands whatever I explain
      • Payments are made gradually as the work goes on/proceeds
      • Whatever... ; however ....; no matter how ...
Whatever efforts I make/However hard I try, they give me low marks; They give me low marks, no matter how hard I try
However influential they may be, we shall never surrender; We shall never surrender, no matter how influential they may be
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