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  • head
Double-headed arrow
He's a head taller than his sister; He's taller than his sister by a head
To bang one's head against a (brick) wall
He aimed his gun at the old doorkeeper's head
Two-headed monster
To bleed from the head
  • tip; end
Hold on to that end while I pull !
To join (up) the two ends of a rope
To sit at the head of the table; To sit at the end of the table
From one end to the other; From end to end
  • start; beginning
Alpha and omega; the beginning and the end
(At) the beginning of the week; (at) the start of the week
(At) the beginning of spring
  • top
The page number is at the top of the page
To look on top of the wardrobe
  • first
During the first two terms of President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • early; initial
We've foreseen a few problems in the initial stages
An early 18th-century form of democracy
Schools start again at the beginning of September/in early September; Schools reopen at the beginning of September/in early September
  • to yield; to surrender
He'd rather die than surrender to the French
  • (kỹ thuật) recorder; player
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