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  • to walk
Walk, don't run !
Is the baby walking yet?
The baby isn't walking yet
How old was she when she walked?
To walk with one's head held high/with one's head up
  • to
Which station does the train to Nha Trang leave from?
  • to go; to travel
Xe lửa này đi Hà Nội không ?
Does this train go to Hanoi ?
Xe lửa này đi Đà Nẵng
This train is bound for Da Nang; This train goes to Da Nang
She has travelled widely/a lot, so she has a wide circle of acquaintances
  • to go/travel by ...; to take
To go to Paris by car
To take the boat; to go by boat; to sail; to boat
To take the bus; to go by bus
To use a taxi; To take a taxi
Đi Hà Nội bằng máy bay
To get/take the plane to Hanoi; to fly to Hanoi
  • to leave for; to depart for ...
When will you leave?
I'll leave for France tomorrow morning
  • outgoing
Incoming/outgoing mail
  • to die; to pass away
He passed away last night
  • to ride
I don't know how to ride a horse/bike/motorbike
  • to move
Move along ! There's nothing to see !
It's my move !
When will you move out? - We haven't bought another house
  • to lead
Where does this road go/lead?
  • to join
He decided to join the navy
  • to give something as a wedding-present/birthday present
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