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  • to place; to put; to set; to stand
To place a book on the table
  • to belong
This is where the spoons belong
Please put the spoons back where they belong
Where does this book belong?
  • to keep
To keep a friend waiting at the door
I've got nowhere to keep my books
  • to let
Do you agree with me? - Let me think (for) a moment !/Give me a moment to think it over !
Don't let me see you here again!
They didn't let me speak to their father
  • to leave
To leave the light on
To leave the tap/faucet running
Don't leave valuables in your car ! This street is very insecure !
Please leave the door open till I get out of here !
  • to leave; to save
Leave some coffee for my husband !
  • for; so that; in order to ...
That button is for adjusting the volume
To do this, we must ...
I don't know what to say to comfort/thank you; I don't know how to comfort/thank you
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