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  • to obtain; to get; to gain; to win; to achieve
To get an extension
What will we gain by joining?
You've worked there for three months and what have you achieved? - Nothing!
To obtain exclusive rights to produce and market something
  • to get; to earn
He earns next to nothing in this contract
  • to be; to get
To get promoted
  • ... able; ... ible
Removable disk
This house is unfit for habitation; This house is uninhabitable
Seaworthy vessel
Airworthy plane
Roadworthy vehicle
  • can do something; to be able to do something
He is able to speak and write English; He can speak and write English
  • OK; all right
Is my hat/hair okay?
That idea sounds OK to me
Is it OK to bring my girl-friend?
Clothes like that are OK for a party
That may be okay for men/in your family, but ...
  • suitable
Is tomorrow suitable?
Is it a book suitable for children?
  • safe
Is this medicine safe for the newborn?
No one is to go out!; Nobody is to go out!
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