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  • to eat; to take; to have; to feed
To eat rice, to eat bread
The cows are feeding on hay
To feed oats to horses
Is it time to feed the babies?
They cannot feed themselves yet
To have breakfast, to have lunch
To take a frugal/copious meal
Eatable fruit
  • to celebrate
To celebrate Tet
Where will you celebrate Christmas?
  • to attend a feast on the occasion of
Tomorrow afternoon, they will attend the feast on the occasion of their uncle's death anniversary
Everyone expects to attend his wedding banquet
  • to live
To earn enough to live on
This newly married couple lives separately (from parents...)
  • to take; to receive; to earn
To give an engine fuel and lubricant
The ship is taking on cargo (is loading)
To earn a salary; to earn wages
To earn wages on points
To have many pieces taken
This inspector is famous for receiving bribes
Eager to earn quick returns
To want to earn big profits
This cloth takes colour well
Do you want to take a thrashing?
To receive a shot
  • to win
To win a match
To win the first prize in a chess competition
To win by endurance
To win two successive sets
  • to bite; to stick
The brake doesn't bite at all
This glue doesn't stick
  • to suit
These two colours suit very well
She is photogenic
  • to eat away; to corrode; to gnaw
Acids eat away (corrode) steel
  • to spread
The oil stain spreads
The roots of the bamboo bush spread down into the field
  • to burn; to consume
This motorcycle burns much petrol
  • to be part of...; to be an appendage to ...; to belong to ...
This row of houses don't belong to our ward, but are part of the next
  • (khẩu ngữ) to equal
About five French francs equal a US dollar
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